888Poker is available for play on your desktop or mobile web browser through the 888Poker Instant Play web app. When you register for an account on 888 Poker Instant Play, you will receive an offer for a £20 No Deposit Bonus and a 100% Match Bonus with 10 Tickets!

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Instant Play Web App

888Poker Instant Play is a web based app that allows players to play on any device that has a web browser. This means no mobile app or desktop client needs to downloaded and installed to access the 888 Poker software. All you need is internet connection and web browser to play in your favorite poker game or tournament.


Instant Play on a Mobile Browser

If you’re reading this review on your phone, it shows how important our mobile devices have become to read information or access entertainment onDemand, wherever we are and whenever we want. As the performance of our mobile devices have improved in recent years, we are able to consume entertainment almost anywhere since our mobile devices are usually on us at all times.

Overall performance of the casino is top notch. Assuming your mobile device is within the last 3 years, performance should be great. Even my iPad from 5 years ago, runs the 888poker InstantPlay web app smoothly. For most, the screen on our phone have high powered graphics, but for some the screen may seem small after playing for awhile. So if you want to play on a larger screen check out the InstantPlay on a Desktop Browser section of this review, if you want to play on your laptop or desktop.

888Poker gives you the option to play their software without needing a standalone app, simply go to the 888 poker website on your web browser. The name of the browser software is 888Poker InstantPlay. Click on this link to go to the Instant Play webapp.

This will take you the 888Poker landing page, where you will see the £20 Free No Deposit Bonus promotion. Below that will be a yellow button, bellow that will be a link that says “Play Now”. If you press the button, you will be take to the app store to 888Poker mobile app. Clicking on the “Plan Now” link will take you directly to the Instant Play webapp URL.


Goto InstnatPlay by Clicking on “PlayNow” Link

You will be directed to Login & Registration screen. Since you are new player you will be able to claim the £20 No Deposit Bonus promotional offer, after you create your account. You will be asked to register for an account, I will cover the process later in the review under the Create Your Account section.


Register + Verification

Once your account is created, you will be able to log into your account. The first time you login you will be asked to verify your account. I cover the documents necessary to verify your account in the Verify Your Identity section. If you want, you can verify your account later.


Optimized for Landscape

Now that you’re logged into your new account, you will first be directed to lobby. Here you will see the layout is optimized for landscape view. If you have your mobile phone in portrait orientation — how we normally talk on the phone — you will be asked to turn your phone to landscape orientation. Once you turn your phone, you will be able to see the 888Poker Lobby.


888Poker Instant Play Lobby

Here at the 888 Poker lobby, you will be able to access all the features of the software, once your account is validated and activated. This means you will be able to play your favorite poker games or tournaments for money, make deposit and make withdrawals from your real money deposits in your “Available Funds”.


888Poker Games Types


888Poker – Classic Poker Lobby


888Poker – Sit & Go Lobby


888Poker – Snap Poker Lobby


888Poker – Blast Lobby

The games at 888Poker are divided into 3 categories: “Classic Poker”, “Blast Poker” and “Snap Poker”.

Classic Poker
Classic Tournaments, Sit & Go Games and Cash Games
Standard rules for games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7-card Stud, Pick-em, etc…
Blast Poker
Sit & Go Games
Not Available in Instant Play, only Mobile App & Desktop client, click to learn how to download the 888 Poker Mobile App and Desktop Client
This “exciting Sit & Go” game format, is a 3 player table with a random prize pool. Once the third player registers at a table, the random prize pool is revealed, which can be up to 10,000x the buy-in for the Sit & Go! Buy-ins are at 10¢, $1, $5, $15, and $30
SNAP Poker
Cash games & Tournaments
SNAP Poker are fast-fold games, meaning you will be dealt a new hand at a random table as soon as you fold. SNAP is available for Cash games and Tournaments.
You will allowed to fold anytime, through “SNAP fold”, even before your turn. This will speed up the process and allow you to start at a new table. If you opt for “Fold watch and play” you will still be able to watch the remaining hands of your previously folded game in a separate window, with your new table being on the main screen.

You will be able to choose from a large selection of Poker games and tournaments, with different table rules!


888Poker Cashier Link on Instant Play Mobile


888Poker Cashier Link on Instant Play Desktop

Once your account is activated, you can go to the Cashier one of two ways. The straightforward way is to click on the “Cashier” link at the bottom right corner. The other option is to click on the menu icon on the top left corner. When you click on “Balance” you will be able to make a deposit.

If you have not activated your account, when you go to the “Cashier”, the 888Poker Validation tool will appear instead. Goto the Verify Your Identity to see what is required to activate your account.


Access Casino Games with your 888Poker Mobile Account


Access Casino Games with your 888Poker Desktop Account

888poker also offers casino games for play with your 888poker funds. This means you can earn Bonus Points, to clear your bonus winnings, so that you can cashout your bonus prizes.

To access casino games, in the bottom left corner, there will be a “Play Casino” link. This will take you to the casino where you can choose from games like poker, slots, roulette and other casino games!


InstantPlay on a Desktop Browser

For the most part I choose to play 888poker from my mobile phone, mainly due to accessibility. My phone is always on me even when I’m out and about. Even my mobile tablet is near me when I’m lounging around at home. But after playing for a few hours at time, it is good to view 888poker on a larger screen and be at my comfortable desk. In those scenario, I prefer to login to the 888Poker Instant Play while using my desktop’s browser. No need to install the standalone desktop, unless i plan to play “SNAP poker”.

The features and look of the Desktop browser and Mobile browser version of Instant Play are almost identical, so I will not cover them again in this section. Instead I will show you how to get to the 888Poker Instant Play webapp for your laptop and desktop.

If you are viewing this review on your desktop web browser, click on this button to open up the 888Poker website.


888Poker Landing Page on Mobile Browser


888Poker Landing Page on Desktop Browser

Here you will be at the landing page for the 888Poker website. Here you will see the promotional offer for the £20 Free No Deposit Bonus. To the right will be the “Download Now” button in yellow. Below that will be text link that says “Instant Play”, click on this to go to Instant Play web app in your browser. If you click on “Download Now” it will take you download the Desktop Client. If you are interested in downloading the client later, check out our 888 Poker Mobile App and Desktop Client download review.


888Poker Register and Login Page

As soon as you get to the Instant Play web app, there will be a login / register pop-up tool. If you created an account prior, you can enter your credentials here. But if you need to sign-up for an account, click on the “Register” button. This will take you to the registration sign-up form. To learn more about the process to create an account, check out the Create Your Account section of this review.


888Poker Instant Play Verification Process on Mobile


888Poker Instant Play Verification Process on Desktop

Once your account is created, you can login to the 888 Poker Instant Play on your web browser. The first time you sign on, your account won’t be fully activated until you validated your account information. If you account isn’t activate, you will directed to 888Poker Validation tool. Check out the Verify Your Identity section to find out about the necessary steps to complete this process.


888 Poker Lobby

After your account is validated, or you opt to do so later, you will be at 888Poker Lobby. Here you will have access to all features of their software. The available poker games types will be at the sub menu below the main menu at the top. The link to casino will be at the bottom right and the link to cashier at the right and also at the top. On the top left corner you will have access to the game settings and the profile menu. At the profile menu you will be able to access information about your tournament tickets, balance, account and other profile specific information.

The rest of the 888Poker Instant Play on a desktop web browser is very similar to Instant Play mobile web browser version. I will not cover all the features here again, but you can scroll up to find out more details.


Other Ways to Play at 888Poker

If you prefer to use a dedicated mobile app for your Apple iOS device or Android device you can install the 888Poker standalone apps. For those that prefer to play on their laptop or desktop, the 888 Poker desktop client is also available to play at 888poker.

To learn more, read our 888 mobile app and desktop client download review.


Welcome Package for a No Deposit Bonus to play £20 Free

All new player at 888Poker will be able to claim the £20 Free No Deposit Bonus. In order to claim the welcome offer, you will only need to create an account and verify your identity. You can read about simple steps required in the Create Your Account section of this review.


888Poker Instant Play No Deposit Bonus for £20 Free – Terms

Step 1 – Go to InstantPlay

  • Goto landing page and click on “InstantPlay”
  • Works for Mobile & Desktop version

Step 2 – Register for an Account

  • Follow step-by-step insturciont in Create Your Account
  • Must be a new player

Step 3 – Verify your Account

  • You will receive an email from 888poker, click on the link in the email to verify
  • 14 days to verify before the promotional offer expires

You will receive the £20 in bonuses, the equivalent of $32, in increments. After your account is activated, you will receive a $1 bonus in “Restricted Funds” and $31 in Tournament Tickets. The tournament tickets are for $0.50 entry fee, so that makes it 62 ticket you will receive initially. These initial bonuses will be valid for 24 hours from when you receive them. If you do not meet the Bonus Point Requirement for any of these bonuses within 24 hours, they will be removed from your account.

Initially you will receive a $1 bonus and 2x tickets to $0.50 buy-in tournaments. You will have 24 hours clear this bonus point requirement. After the initial set of bonuses, you will then receive 15 tickets for $0.50 buy-in tournaments. You will also have 24 hours complete the bonus requirements, before they are removed from your account. You will then receive 15 sets of $0.50 tickets for 3 more days. In total, you will receive 62 tickets.

The initial $1 bonus will be deposited into your “Restricted Funds”. This mean in order to clear the bonus, so that you can with withdraw it from your “Available Funds”, you will need to earn 2.5 Bonus Points. The $1 bonus can only be used to play poker games or tournaments. Read the Earn Bonus Points to find how to earn them.

For your tickets, you will be able to enter any tournament that has a buy-in of $0.50. You can search directly for tournaments with a $0.50 buy-in or go to your profile menu and select “My Tournament Tickets”. When you click on a ticket, you will go to a screen that has all the available tournaments with a 0.50 buy-in.

To clear bonuses, you will need to wager with real money that is deposited into your account. That means only wagers made from your “Available Funds” account will earn you Bonus Points.


Create Your Account

All bonuses at 888Poker require you to have an account. I will show you how create your account through 888Poker Instant Play on a Desktop Browser. To begin, you will need to get back to where registrations page. Let’s begin by clicking on this button.


888Poker Landing Page

As we did before, below the “Downlod” button, click on the “Instant Play” text link.


888 Poker Instant Play Login Page for Desktop

This will take you to the Lobby Page of 888Poker where you will have the option to login or register for an account. Now we will click on the “Register” Button. This will open up the registration form.


888Poker Instant Play Register on Mobile Browser


888Poker Instant Play Register on Desktop – Personal Info

Here you will need to provide your real information when you create your account. Make sure to enter your real name as it appears on your legal identity cards like a Driving License or Passport. If you plan to play for real money, make sure to input your real information because you will be asked to verify your identity and information before you make a deposit.

Personal Info
First & Last Name
Country of Residence

You will also need read the “Term and Conditions”, then accept the checkbox that your agree to 888Poker T&C and that you are of 18 years of age.


888Poker Instant Play Register on Desktop – User Info

For the next form you will need to enter User Info that you will use to login to the 888Poker Instant Play web app. This information will also let you login to the mobile app or desktop client version of 888Poker’s software. It is a good idea to keep this information to yourself and not share with others. It is recommended use a password app so that you have unique passwords for all of your account and generate new ones frequently.

User Info
Security Question & Answer


888Poker Instant Play Register on Desktop – Contact Info

The last form you will be asked to complete is for your “Contact Info”. Remember that you will be asked to verify your identity after your account is created, so make sure to enter your real address information. It should match what is found on your Driving License, banking or credit card statement and utility bill.

When you are done, press the “Submit” button. This will create your account, but it will not be fully active. You will be able to login and active the basic 888Poker features. The only thing you won’t be able to do is make a deposit and play for real money. You can activate your account by verifying your identity. The next time you login you will be asked to verify your identity.


Verify Your Identity

To validate your account for functionality at 888poker Instant Play you will need to validate your identity.


Verify Identity by Uploading Document

If you want to verify your account, click on the “Upload Here” button. This will take you to the options of documents to upload.


Verify Identity with Supporting Documents

The recommended document to upload is your Driving License. You are being asked to verify your date of birth and residential address. This is part of the reason why Driving License is 888Poker’s recommended way to verify your account and will also speed up the process. For those that don’t have a Driver’s License, you have some other options for documents to upload. These other document options may take some extra time and possibly multiple documents for verification.

Verification Documents
Driving License
ID Card
Birth Certificate
Utility Bills
Bank Statements
Other Option

If you do not have these documents on you, you can opt to verify your information later. Click on the “Not Now” button and you can verify the next time you login to your account or go to the Cashier. Just a reminder, make sure to verify your account as soon as possible so that you can make a real money deposit and play a poker game or tournament for real money!


Initial Deposit for 100% Match Bonus & 10 Tickets

Once your account is verified, you can claim this 100% Match Bonus & 10x Tickets, on your initial deposit. This match bonus can be claimed up to £300, or $400.


Make Your Initial Deposit on InstantPlay for 100% Match Bonus – WELCOME100 Terms

To be eligible for this promotional offer, you must be a new player and this must be your first deposit. If you meet these requirement, make a deposit of at least $10 and use the WELCOME100 bonus code.

Besides the 100% Match Bonus, you will get 10x tickets that you can use to win real money, increasing your bankroll options with a great chance to win even more. Each ticket will be valid for 24 hours.

  • 1x Ticket to “First Depositors’ Challenge” (following Fridays)
  • 7x Tickets to “$500 Depositors’ Tournaments”
  • 2x Ticket to “$1,000 Depositors’ Tournament” (following Saturdays)

When you get your 100% Match Bonus, it will go directly to your “Restricted Funds” balance. This means that you must clear it to transfer it to your “Available Funds”, so you can withdraw it or use it to wager on poker games or tournaments. You will be allowed to clear your match bonus in increments of $10, meaning you do not need to clear the entire bonus for it to be transferred to your “Available Funds”. You will have 90 days to complete the bonus requirements, so that means even if you do not clear all of the bonus you will still be able to claim part or most of it.

To clear the bonus requirement, you will need to earn Bonus Points. This can be done by playing Bonus Points for playing poker games & tournaments or playing at the casino. To learn how this works, make sure to read the Bonus Point Requirements section.

The most you will be able win will be $500/€500/£500.



Your 888Poker Balance is made up of “Available Funds” and “Restricted Funds”. When you make a deposit with real money, it goes directly to your “Available Funds”. Any bonus money you receive from a promotional offer will go to your “Restricted Funds” balance. The different funds will have implications on bonus points earned or how much you can win.


Available Funds

The “Available Funds” portion of your balance is money that you can withdraw or use to wager on games. Besides deposit money, the “Available Funds” is made up of cleared bonuses that were previously in your “Restricted Funds”.

If you claimed a Match Bonus like WELCOME100, the match bonus would go to your “Restricted Funds”. Everytime you clear $10 of your bonus, it will lower your “Restricted Funds” by $10 and increase your “Available Funds” by $10.

When you wager on games, you will first use up your balance from the “Available Funds”. If you do not have enough in this balance, then the remainder will be taken from your “Restricted Funds”. In this scenario, only wagers placed with your “Available Funds” will earn Bonus Points, the “Restricted Funds” portion will not.

You will earn Bonus Points on all wagers placed with your “Available Funds”.

Winnings on games wagered with your “Available Funds” will have no cap. There will also be no limit on winning a progressive jackpot.


Restricted Funds

“Restricted Funds” is where all of your bonus money from a promotional offer goes. Money here cannot be withdrawn and can only be used to wager on games once your “Available Funds” has $0 balance. Once you clear a bonus, it will be deducted from this balance and transfer to your “Available Funds” balance. At that point, you can withdraw it or wager it.

Before money is deducted from your “Restricted Funds” to wager on games, it will deduct from your “Available Funds” balance until the balance is $0. Wagers placed with “Restricted Funds” cannot earn Bonus Points.

The most you can win on any game where you use your “Restricted Funds” is $500/€500/£500. If you win a progressive jackpot while using your “Restricted Funds”, there will be no cap on your winnings.


Bonus Point Requirements

To be able to clear any bonus requirements, you will need to earn Bonus Points. In this section I will go over how to earn Bonus Points.


Earn Bonus Points

When you claim a bonus, you will be able to earn Bonus Points on qualifying wagers with your “Available Funds”. This means you can only earn Bonus Points while a bonus active. Once you clear a bonus, you will stop earning Bonus Points.

Bonus points can be earned by playing poker games & tournaments and casino games with your real money deposits. This means you will only earn Bonus Points while you use your “Available Funds” for these games.

During an active bonus you can earn Bonus Points these 3 ways:

Poker Tournament
You will earn 2 Bonus Points for each $1 in tournament fees.
For example, if you played in a $3 buy-in tournament, you would get 6 Bonus Points.
Poker Ring Games
You will earn 2 Bonus Points for every $1 of your “contributed rake”. This is described as a percentage you contributed to the final rake.
For example, if you contribute $20 of a $100 pot, you are contributing 20% of the pot. So if the final rake is $6, 20% of this would make your “contributed rake” $1.20. This means you earned 2.4 Bonus Points.
Casino Games
For every $10 you wager on casino games with 100% contribution, through your 888poker account, you will earn 1 Bonus Point.
For example, if you wager $12 on games with 100% contribution, like Keno, you will get 1.2 Bonus Points.


Bonus Points Conversion

To convert $1 in your “Restricted Funds” you will need 2.5 Bonus Points.


Bonus Points Contribution

For casino games played, while using your 888poker game, there will be a percentage contribution towards Bonus Points earned. The percentage will depend on the game type. For 100% contribution a $10 wager would get you 1 Bonus Point. While wagering $10 on games with a 20% contribution would get you 0.20 Bonus Points.

Here is the list of Percentage Contribution and games in those percentages.

100% Contribution
$10 in wager on games from this list, with 100% contribution, will earn you 1 Bonus Point
20% Contribution
Wagering $50 on games from this list, with 20% contribution, will earn 1 Bonus Point
10% Contribution
$50 in wager on games from this list, with 10% contribution, will earn you 0.5 Bonus Point
5% Contribution
Wagering $50 on games from this list, with 5% contribution, will earn 0.25 Bonus Points


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